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Fantawild Animation Claims Two More International Awards

The curtain has fallen on the 45th WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival in Houston, Texas, where creative excellence in independent film and video production were honored in high style.


This year two Fantawild Animation offerings, Brainy Bubbly Bug Buddies and Hick City, won the Festival’s distinguished Platinum Remi and Gold Remi Awards, respectively—marking the first time in WorldFest history that Chinese animated programming has ever received such recognition.


According to its official website, WorldFest is the oldest independent film & video festival in the world, and one of the three original international film festivals in North America.


Even prior to Houston, these same Fantawild favorites enjoyed a warm international welcome. The 3D edutainment series Brainy Bubbly Bug Buddies—a “bug’s-eye view” of the habits and habitats of various insects—was an official selection of the Czech Republic’s AniFest 2011; and in France, Hick City, a silent comedy featuring lovable brown bears, picked up the Kids’ Jury prize for its category at MIPJunior 2011.


Aside from these distinctions, Fantawild Animation has garnered worldwide notice through official selection for such esteemed festivals as Italy’s Cartoons by the Bay (The Pulcinella Awards, 2010), and the Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival (SICAF, 2012).


Fantawild Animation is committed to expanding its reputation as an international brand with something for everyone who loves quality family entertainment!


“Fantawild Fever”: Catch It at NATPE Budapest

NATPE Budapest is kicking off June 26, 2012!

At this year’s NATPE Budapest, all of Fantawild’s proven hits will be on show for buyers from around the world—and that includes its runaway smash of the year, Boonie Bears, which has struck a chord in major television markets throughout China, and its online version—along with its official-selection status at Italy’s 17th Film Festival della Lessinia—has generated a positive response far beyond Chinese borders.

Robots and high-tech heroes come and go; but two bungling brown bears managing to thwart a saw-happy little schemer at every turn—well, you just can’t go wrong with the classics!

For buyers looking to heat up their markets with the stuff of non-stop, family-oriented laughter, Boonie Bears and the other lively programs from Fantawild are sure to set temperatures rising!

For a complete picture of what Fantawild Animation has to offer, be sure to visit our booth at M22 from June 26 to June 28.


Boonie Bears or Bust


Watching comedy

Boonie Bears: A Grizzly-Sized Hit with Children across the Country!

Calling all kids! Be on the lookout for the most notorious—and loveable—brown bears in the land!


Boonie Bears has exceeded all ratings expectations since its February debut on the CCTV Children’s Channel during the 2012 Spring Festival season.


By April, the show had settled comfortably into the top spot, surpassing the ratings of all other programming—in all genres—during the Qingming Festival holidays.


The program’s runaway success during this period resulted in additional airings on many other major channels throughout China, including CCTV1, Guangdong Jiajia Cartoon, and the Guangzhou Children’s Channel.


Meanwhile, online broadcasts of Boonie Bears have been equally well-received, with the program racking up impressive numbers on China’s popular PPTV and Qiyi entertainment platforms. In fact, among a wide range of animated hits featured on Qiyi, Boonie Bears recently ranked among the three most popular shows culled from around the world.


Even before its initial airing, Boonie Bears had garnered solid industry distinctions both at home and abroad, among them the state media administration’s top prize for Chinese cartoons in 2011, as well as official selection for Italy’s Lessinia Film Festival and Pulcinella Awards for that year.

Bug Buddies From Fantawild Are Buzzing Across The World!

In a lush wetland paradise known as the Marsh, a thriving little insect colony is abuzz with activities; the tiny residence there face a variety of challenges every day, but their caring bug pals always come through when the going gets tough—Brainy Bubbly Bug Buddies, a 3D edutainment animated series by Fantawild, offers the kids a bug’s-eye view of the habits and habitats of insects of many kinds and inspires them to explore the wondrous workings of nature.


Since its release in 2011, Brainy Bubbly Bug Buddies has been aired on many major TV stations at home, including CCTV Children’s Channel, the big-time broadcaster for kids in China, and has been warmly welcomed by kids and parents since its broadcasting. Meanwhile, these lovely creepy-crawly critters are spreading joy and knowledge to the kids across the world. So far, the show has covered many countries and areas including Korea, Singapore, India, Serbia, the Middle East, to name a few. It was broadcasted by Singapore STARHUB last November with favorable feedback from its audience, and children in Korea will be enjoying a taste of this bug show on KidsTalkTalk this coming May. Other international broadcasters to air the show include Happy TV in Serbia, MNCTV in Indonesia and IRIB in Iran.


Last year witnessed a lot of honors and glories for this insect-based show by Fantawild Animation. Among a bunch of other national prizes it received, Brainy Bubbly Bug Buddies was an official selection for the 8th Golden Dragon Awards for the Original Animation & Comic Competition (OACC) at the 4th China International Comics Festival. While on the global stage, it was selected for the Best Animated Television Films/Series Award at Czech AniFrest in 2011, further proving the irresistible charisma of those boisterous little creatures across the world.

Make Way for Fantawild at NATPE 2012

This January Fantawild Animation is going to set sail for Miami to attend the coming NATPE 2012 from January 23 to 25. As a revisit to this great event, we are ready and expecting to acquaint with buyers from all over the world at stand 405.


Fantawild has spared no effort in enriching its program list in the just passed 2011. Owing to this, buyers of NATPE will be given a glimpse of its several fresh releases. Among them is One and a Half Heroes, a grand 3D action and adventure series. After nearly a year’s modification in both stories and character images, it is finally ready for an official release into the market. As the first series from the company that is directed by a professional US animation director, and a visual feast steeped in traditional Chinese imagery and culture, but mixed with a healthy dose of modern Western comedy, One and a Half Heroes will represent the highest quality of the programs of Fantawild Animation.


Sequel to Boonie Bears, which has done quite a good job in the market in 2011, Boonie Bears or Bust will continue the fun and joy of its origin to a worldwide extend. Also, Hick-City, the first 3D silent comedy of Fantawild about the hilarious stories happening to two bears that get into a modern human world, will carry on with the mission of the company of spreading laughter to every corner it can reach…  

Connect Yourself to An Original Animation Producer at NATPE

Fantawild Animation Inc., the major original animation producer in China, is going to set sail for Miami to attend the coming NATPE from January 23 to 25, 2012. Its stand number is 405.


To achieve its ambition of presenting programs to worldwide young viewers, Fantawild Animation Inc. spares no efforts to update its program list and has improved its product quality impressively. One and A Half Heroes is one of the most expecting releases in 2012. Its screenwriter and director is an experienced animator from the United States. Sequel to Brainy Bubbly Bug Buddies which does a good job in the market, Pondimonium also makes a stir in the industry. It highlights childish curiosity and mischief in these tiny critters through laugh along stories, fostering an optimistic, dynamic and fun loving attitude towards life.


In addition to these splendid 3D shows, Fantawild has also released four new 2D titles at one go! With the comedic style inherited from its predecessor — the rollicking Chicken Stew, Chicken Stew – Tales from the Salted-Egg Temple unfolds, however, a different story in which Uncle Wattles and Free Range set on a road towards kung fu excellence. It is an excellent 2D kung fu series that kids will not want to miss. Designed for kids from 3 to 6, Power Panda Posse is an action-adventure series centered on a lovable adopted panda yearning to discover the long-kept secret of his origins. Back to the Wild focuses on the experiences of a panda, who is accidentally brought to a mysterious and dangerous jungle along with his friend, a flying squirrel. The educational series, Find Out How tries to discover the mysterious workings of the universe and teach kids about the amazing natural world we live in!

Schedule Your Meeting with Fantawild at ATF

Fantawild Animation Inc. is going to attend the coming Asian Television Forum (ATF) in Singapore from Dec.7 to 9, 2011 at stand E24.


Boonie Bears fans would be excited to find that the two clumsy and adorable bear brothers starring another 208-episode new title – Boonie Bears or Bust in which the two have turned their fight with Logger Vick into a chase around the world. Furthermore, they set a new course for excitement in a delight silent show – Hick-City which is recognized as the winner of Kids’ Jury of MIP Junior 2011 at 7-10 category.


Designed for preschool kids, the newly-release title –Find Out How is going to be another carnival for the young viewers. This show helps to nurture in kids a sense of wonder and gives them the building blocks to nurture their thinking, and eventually helping them to solve questions through their own efforts.


Schedule a meeting with us at ATF and have an access to these wonderful shows.

Hick-City, shining out of Kids’ Jury

Standing out from the rest finalists, Fantawild’s newly release – Hick-City has successfully won the awards of this year’s MIPJUNIOR Kid’s Jury in the 7-10 year-old category. This is the first time that Chinese animation program has ever scored the knockout punch at this great ceremony.

Before winning the prize eventually, Fantawild Animation has already been an active participant of many international events and been widely recognized as one of the most productive producers in the region. Its products have been sold to over 110 countries and regions. Sequel to Boonie Bears which has been distributed to more than 100 countries, Hick-City is going to be another hit of the market.